The Compagnie Majordome (‘Butler company’), created in 2017, is specialized in the performing arts sector. Quentin Brevet, its founder, embarks on an innovative solo project and gradually opens up the drawers of his world… 

Quentin Brevet co-founded in 2011 the Compagnie Kadavresky. With more than 300 performances given in France and in Europe, he embodies the character of the Butler in the show « the snail effect » where he mixes juggling, contemporary dance, clown and acrobatics. This project allowed him to establish his scenic skills and enhance his artistic qualities. After this rich and fruitful experience, he embarks on a solo project which is close to his heart. Inspired by his character of the Butler, he moved away from it to deepen his clowning aspects. For this, Quentin will train in clowning with Michel Dallaire and Fred Blin.

The show: À tiroirs ouverts

2019 award at « Les Années Joué », Joué-lès-Tours Festival

A scene that symbolizes a cramped interior, some boards, a table, stools. Balls, sometimes juggling objects, sometimes imaginary characters, populate every corner of the furniture…

A lonely man takes his feet in the folds of life, falls and rises…falls and rises.
Little by little, he opens the drawers of his inner world to let us hear the noise from inside.

Behind this juggling and burlesque spectacle, funny and touching, of a high technicality, hides a solitude which will be revealed as the challenges and exploits crossed. Play to survive, invent somewhere else.

« Man only plays when in the full meaning of the word he is a man, and he is only completely a man when he plays » Friedrich von Schiller

From and with Quentin BREVET
Direction Johan LESCOP
External advices Olivier BURLAUD
Music Jérémy RAVOUX et Luc BIRRAUX

Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes • Département de l’Ain • La cascade – Pôle national des arts du cirque • École de cirque de Lyon – MJC Ménival • La vache qui rue • Le Pôle – Scène conventionnée • MJC de Bourg-en-Bresse • Ville de Bourg-en-Bresse • Le Colombier des Arts – L’InStand’Art • ETAC de Bourg-en-Bresse

An original sound device

Clown and juggler, the butler is nonetheless a brilliant composer despite himself.
Everything he touches resounds.

His clumsiness becomes random rhythms and his juggler movements as many melodies.

Ballsstrike and strike again. It is an increased juggling: we hear what is usually only seen.

The objects, the balls and the scenery itself are organized in a symphony of odds and ends: the show is total.

Tour dates

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the dates are subject to change:

14 > 19 March • Creative residency • Abattoirs de Riom (FR)

11 AprilÀ tiroirs ouverts • Festival SPRING • Petit-Quevilly (FR) – Deferred to 2022

12 & 13 April • Circus course • Saignes (FR) – Cancelled

14 AprilÀ tiroirs ouverts • Ydes (FR) – Cancelled

23 AprilÀ tiroirs ouverts • Anthea, Théâtre d’Antibes (FR) • 8:30pm – Live stream

22 May • À tiroirs ouvertsFestival Les Irrépressibles • Riom (FR) • 7:00pm

4 > 6 JuneÀ tiroirs ouverts • Festival Les Années Joué • Joué-les-Tours (FR) – Cancelled

12 JuneÀ tiroirs ouverts • Bellenaves (FR) • 5:00pm

13 JuneÀ tiroirs ouvertsFestival d’ici & là • Saint-Saturnin (FR) • 6:00pm

17 JuneÀ tiroirs ouvertsFestival Les Rebonds de la Balle • Magneux-Haute-Rive (FR) • 6:30pm

25 JuneÀ tiroirs ouvertsThéâtre de Givors (FR) • 8:00pm

3 & 4 JulyÀ tiroirs ouvertsSur le Pont ! [des Chèvres] • Bourg-en-Bresse (FR) • 3:00pm 3 July / 5:00pm 4 July

4 AugustÀ tiroirs ouvertsSaison culturelle Les p’tits pAPIers • Issoire (FR) • 4:00pm

26 AugustÀ tiroirs ouverts • Fest’a’Sainté • Médiathèque • Saint-Etienne-du-Bois (FR) • 6:00pm

28 AugustÀ tiroirs ouverts • Festival Les Commenaill’ries • Commenailles (FR)

12 SeptemberÀ tiroirs ouvertsFestival Perché sur la colline • Sombernon (FR) • 4:45pm

18 SeptemberÀ tiroirs ouverts • Festival Les insolites • Morez (FR)

24 > 26 SeptemberÀ tiroirs ouverts • Festival Tous dehors (enfin) ! • Gap (FR)

24 November > 5 December • Creative residency • Abattoirs de Riom (FR)

13 > 22 December • Creative residency – Place to define

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